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Escapism at Home

Escapism at Home

Posted by Soren on 25th Aug 2023

Capture the nostalgia and wonder of a once in a life trip with these 

stunning designs

The spices, textiles, and colors of Moroccan open-air markets inspire the 

rich colors of ogee pattern Marketplace Motif.


The moody ambiance of mists among the fruit trees gives pattern 

Orchard a sense of old-world charm.


The colorful blossoms, leaves, and stems provide a blanketed forest 

thicket for the Arts & Crafts- inspired antlered deer and plumed peacocks 

of the Woodland Floral pattern.


Slim blades of color reach across this pattern creating a tangle of tropical 

leaves, some in silhouette, with shafts of light peeking through dense 



Tapestry pattern Seaside Jacobean's classic luxury is updated with the 

lively color palette of wildflowers from the Great Western Sea coast.


The soft watercolor of a perfect pair of parrots, grace lush leaves with 

their beautiful presence in pattern Tropical Lovebirds.

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