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GP5031P2 Grace & Gardenia Wildflowers and Butterflies Premium Textured Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper Panel Cream / Green / Blue / Pink 26 In W x 12 Ft High



Products in our warehouse generally are shipped the same or next day, occasionally when we need more from a single run than we have in the warehouse we will have the complete run shipped from the manufacturer

1.80 LBS

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Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper Panel Size: 26 in wide x 12 Ft. long - 26 sq ft Pattern Repeat 26". Each panel starts as a straight match at the top.

Made in the USA. Printed on Premium High-Quality Peel and Stick Paper with light textured matte finish. Easier to install than Vinyl products.

Perfect for living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen applications. Can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Self-adhesive backing panels are easy to reposition, making prints easy to align. Will not damage walls. Leaves no sticky residue when removed.

Check Grace and Gardenia listings for 6 ft, 9 ft, 12 ft panel sizes and sample listing.

GP5031P2 Grace & Gardenia  Wildflowers and Butterflies Premium Textured Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper Panel Cream / Green / Blue / Pink 26 In W x 12 Ft High
This offer is for one 12 ft high x 26 in wide premium paper wallpaper panel. The wide panel size allows for larger pattern repeats and fewer seams. Panels are available in 6, 9, and 12 ft panel heights. Please check our listings for the other available sizes. We also offer a 12 x 12-inch sample. .
These paper peel and stick panels are much easier to install than vinyl peel and stick products. The high-quality matte paper can stay on your walls for years just like unpasted designer wallpaper. No need to hire an installer, just peel and stick Pre-Cut panels are ready to hang, no need to measure and cut each panel. No pattern wastes. Order by wall height. Select from 6 ft, 9 ft, or 12 ft panel height.

When choosing a panel height, measure your wall space by taking into consideration baseboards or crown moldings to determine the correct panel size to purchase. You should allow 4 to 5 extra inches as you may need to start above the top of your wall if your wall is not even at the top. Trim off any excess at the bottom or top of your panel with a sharp knife, and you are done!

To calculate how many panels to order, measure the length of your wall and divide by 26.

Each Panel matches at the top making pattern match and installation a breeze.

This premium wallpaper gives your space the look and feel of traditional high-quality permanent wallpaper. A great solution for anywhere in your home or for commercial use in an office, restaurants, cafes, or nightclubs decoration.

To apply, simply peel away the backing to expose the water-based adhesive. Press onto any smooth, totally clean surface and align the pattern from panel to panel. Self-Adhesive panels are extremely easy to reposition if you make a mistake. It is especially important to make sure your surface is completely clean and smooth. Do not apply to a textured wall.
GP5031P2 Wildflowers Butterflies Premium Peel&Stick Wallpaper Panel Cream 12' L

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